About us

The International Evangelism Centre (IEC) is primarily a Bible school founded in 1983 by Bishop Eliudi Issangya in the village of Sakila, Tanzania. The Bishop started out as a farmer with a small piece of land, but he had a strong vision for spreading the gospel to his village, to his country, and to all of Africa.

The school began on a one-acre site, where four small buildings were constructed and classes began with 20 students. Today, the campus has 14 acres and many buildings housing dormitories, classrooms, and a large seminar hall. Presently, there is a need to upgrade the school facilities and technology as well as improve the existing dormitories and add new ones. A Student Centre is also on the wish list, providing a library, computer lab, and multipurpose lounge.

At the Bible school, students are immersed in a rigorous schedule of prayer, classroom teaching, and evangelistic outreaches to communities in the area, as well as stewarding the needs of the physical campus. The training, meals and lodging are free; the students are only required to get to the campus on their own to begin studying.

The graduates have taken their training and their faith to surrounding countries,
creating a spiritual “ring of fire” in East Africa. The work has also spread to South Africa where a school of evangelism now trains Christian workers in that nation as well as from Rwanda and Congo. International Evangelism Churches have been established to support the alumni who have begun new Christian works following their graduation.

Since its inception in 1983, IEC has sent out more than 6,000 graduates, who have established more than 1,500 churches. In the month of June, many of these graduates return to the original campus for a seminar, where the word is preached and encouragement is received to carry on the work that was begun at the Bible school.

Bishop Eliudi’s vision of a significant means of spreading the gospel through trained Christian workers has become a reality, impacting not only Tanzania but also Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia.  This is the fruit of the original vision and the Bible schools.

International Evangelism Outreach (IEO) is the US organization that supports the operations for IEC in Tanzania and acquired its non-profit status in 1996 in the State of Washington. The US Board is composed of President Jim Bedsole from California, Vice President Jan George from Oregon, Secretary Shirley Bedsole from California, Treasurer Garven Kinley from Washington, and Crystal Garvin from North Carolina.

Funds sent for the support of the school of evangelism in Tanzania are directed through the IEO office in Washington State, and regular monthly reports are sent from IEC to the US office regarding expenditures for the Bible school. The US Board meets mainly by conference call to discuss matters pertinent to the work in Tanzania. Bishop Eliudi travels to the US yearly to report on the status of the work in his country.

Sakila Village is the home of the International Evangelism Centre (IEC) and its founder Bishop Eliudi Issangya. When he was a young boy, elephants and snakes were still part of village life. Even now, Sakila is a lush area established in the crater of an extinct volcano where there are spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The village has been mainly a farming area, but with the establishment of the school of evangelism, the community has experienced growth and a larger number of jobs.

Villagers are very friendly and welcome Westerners who come to minister and serve at the school.

Bishop Eliudi Issangya, as a young man, attended a six month intensive Bible school in California in 1979. While he was there, the Lord granted him a vision to start a similar school in his own country. He has been faithful to this heavenly assignment and richly blessed.





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