Thirty New Orphans for ChristHope Orphanage

Thirty New Orphans for ChristHope Orphanage

During Bishop Eliudi’s last trip to the U.S. (Dec. 2017-March 2018), the Lord directed him to begin the process of finding 30 new orphans for ChristHope Orphanage. A number of the original orphans have moved into boarding dorms at Hebron Secondary School leaving spaces for new children.

These orphans come from different locations and situations, but are under government supervision for care and placement. We are excited that we now have 30 new little ones to nurture and love. Most of them are around 4 years old and have been placed into the orphanage kindergarten on campus. When ready, they will join the others in the public school system.

We now have a total of 58 children at the orphanage and most of them are sponsored. Full sponsorship is $60 per month and partial sponsorship is $30 per month. Below are 5 children that need your help. They are from left to right, Mohamed Mkondo ($60), Innocent Kazimoto ($30), LucianaMarungu ($60), Grayson Hessen ($60) and Jovin
Nnko ($60).

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