IEO Founder


is the founder and president of the International Evangelism Center (IEC). He is a highly respected citizen of Tanzania who has been honored with the title of “Bishop” by the Tanzanian government for his work to improve the lives of people, not just the people in the village of Sakila and country of Tanzania, but also in the surrounding countries.

When he was 22, Eliudi attended a six-month intensive Bible school and earned a pastoral degree from the San Diego School of Ministry in 1979. While he was there, the Lord gave him a vision to start a similar school in his own country.

He established the IEC Bible school in his home village of Sakila in 1983. When he was a young boy, elephants and snakes were still part of village life. Even now, Sakila is a lush area established in the crater of an extinct volcano where there are spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The village has primarily been a farming area

where families subsist with a cow or two, chickens, and by planting corn and beans, but with the establishment of the school of evangelism, medical clinic, and K-12 Christian school, the community has experienced growth and a larger number of jobs. Villagers are very friendly and welcome Westerners who come to minister and serve.

Eliudi and his late wife, Hellen, have six grown children and seven grandchildren. Hellen passed away in 2010, and Eliudi married his second wife, Lucy, who had also been widowed, in 2011.

A book with further details of Sakila village life, Eliudi’s family and childhood, and the establishment of his ministry is available for purchase here.