CHO Children Receive Quality Education for Future Success

CHO Children Receive Quality Education for Future Success

In January of each year, school starts, advancements take place, and new uniforms, backpacks, and shoes are purchased for our ChristHope Orphanage children.


Those who are in kindergarten stay at the orphanage and begin their education with our CHO staff. Primary (grades) 1-7 are in an Arusha district school and graduate after primary 7. The government does not provide public education past primary 7, so the children advance to Hebron secondary school at Sakila Sponsorship Program, which offers another 6 years of schooling. These grades are called “forms,” and Forms 1-4 complete their secondary school education. At this point, they take a national exam. If their grades are high enough, students get to go back to Hebron and finish Forms 5 and 6, which completes their high school and college prep classes. Once again, they take a national exam, and if they score high enough, they are awarded a national scholarship to a university or college.

Pictured are our three CHO primary students who advanced to Form 1: Gift, Anitha, and Jivini.

We do have students who are not academically able to continue with secondary school but are able to learn a trade instead. Students going to Crower Trade School have the choice to learn cooking, sewing, carpentry, welding, or masonry. Each course lasts for one year. Upendo (front row, second from the left) and Gift (right of Upendo) are attending Crower Trade School and are holding clothes they have made in their sewing class.

Despite the circumstances of poverty, disease, and hunger, these students have worked hard to overcome. Because these children have a variety of gifts, talents, and learning abilities, we want them to have choices in their education. Our goal is that our orphans have the education, resources, and means to support themselves when they finally leave and live on their own.
None of this would be possible without the faithful prayers and support of our sponsors and donors. Thank you! If you or someone you know would like to sponsor an orphan, please go to or share the following link: